#66 - ML Action 2


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Another great collection of 100% machine code games including several arcade favourites collected from the best American Atari User Groups. Here you have BATTLEROOM, INSECTS, CHOMPER and AVALANCHE which find you avoiding death In many different ways from being eaten to being squashed! CANYON and NORDIC are a couple of simple vertical scrolling games but extremely well done and very playable. The first is a two player game which has you flying through ravines to see who can get the furthest whilst NORDIC is a fast and furious downhill skiing game. Next is OLYMPIC DASH a real 'joystick waggler' for one or two players as you compete in the 100 yards dash. Superb animation and beautifully smooth scrolling that just has to be seen! Finally we have a sort of cross between a dozen arcade games and noughts and crosses in a quite fascinating and unusual game. To gain a square on the board you must do battle with one of 12 different types of lifeform. Each is different, each is challenging. This one is hard to explain but great fun to play! You'll love it.

Boot with BASIC. When Ready appears type DIR, press Return. Type .R16 and press RETURN.