#117 - Utilities 8


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Some splendid new utilities including an extended BASIC which adds extra commands. DISKTOOL4 is an upgraded version of an excellent sector editor that we have used for years in preparing all our Issue disks, EXTBASIC adds a dozen new commands to Basic including renumbering, replacing variables, setting margins, cross referencing of variables, DOS commands and more. MASTMENU will RUN, LOAD or ENTER Basic or machine language programs. BASICON and BASICOFF do just what the titles say! XRESET interrupts the reset key so that when pressed a menu appears to allow a choice of Run Address, Warm Start, Cold Start or DOS start. The disk is rounded off with several smaller utility programs - ERRORTRP, DISKTAPE, LABELDSK, AUTOMATE and AUTOLINE. Without doubt the Extended basic and upgraded Disktool make this a very worthwhile disk.