#170 - Panasonic Word Pro Utilities


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If you have a Panasonic printer try this disk, it could put you on the road to getting your printer really flying. You are sure to find something of use among this collection put together by a fellow Panasonic user. Lots of programs including a directory printer that prints in two columns and a couple of fonts to download to your printer to define special physics and maths symbols (you could probably use the program to create your own characters) together with a few other utilities. Perhaps the most useful program is FONT DUMP which will enable you to create, edit, store and download custom fonts to Panasonic or Roland printers. After downloading, fonts stay resident in the printer and you can use your favourite word processor to access the new font. Redefining fonts is not amongst the simplest of tasks and this utility disk is not for beginners, but with a little programming knowledge and a Panasonic printer you could be onto a winner.