#186 - Extended Atari Basic


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Here is something that every Basic programmer should take a look at. Originally released as a commercial program available only by mail order in the States this is now a fully functional Shareware release. EAB is not a replacement for Atari Basic so you do not need to learn a new language but it enhances your programming no end by adding many new and convenient commands. A revised editing screen gives you a clock at the top (which you can set) and provides the background for the new commands. Most DOS functions are available directly from the editing screen, things such as directories, locking files, deleting files, writing DOS etc. all available without leaving your program. BASIC helpers include automatic line numbering, renumbering in user defined increments, Variable Name Table display, SAVE verify, Decimal/Hex conversion, English language error messages, conversion of editing between upper and lower case and much more. Other commands allow output to be redirected to a printer instead of the screen, a coldstart from the keyboard, Basic to be turned off and the extra memory banks on the 130XE to be controlled. There are other commands as well and program examples to show how these extras can be used in your programs. Extended Atari Basic is an excellent aid that should be in every programmers library.