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Info Minder is a full featured, fully flexible database that you can customise for your specific needs if you can do a little Basic programming. This general purpose data management utility permits convenient full-screen data entry and modification, flexible indexing and generation of basic printed reports. It is designed to allow for relatively easy user modification to add custom report formats when needed. All of the records are stored in regular DOS files so other utilities can be used, or written, to use the information you have stored. An excellent user manual accompanies the program which prints out to 26 A4 pages and includes full guidance on database creation and modification, creating indexes and printing reports. Other sections cover customising the program and several pages describing in detail the structure of the program itself. There is much invaluable information here for any programmer wishing to create a customised utility of their own. Use Info Minder for any record keeping purposes, or study the program and manual to extract routines for your own use. Highly flexible.