#191 - Fortune Telling


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Have you ever fancied going into a gypsy caravan to have your fortune read but backed out for fear of being conned? Well now there is no need to worry because you can have your fortune told by the cards in the privacy of your own home. As you run GYPSY you will be invited into the gypsy wagon of Nadia, queen of the gypsies. She will lay out the cards that foretell your future. Each card dealt will have its meaning explained to you. If you want to go further and contact the spirits on the other side you can consult the ORACLE, another program that uses a ouija board to answer your questions. You can ask any question you wish and the spirits will answer Yes or No or give you a full answer as the moving hand wanders across the board picking out the letters. The communications from the spirits can be weird and even hilarious but are there really spirits from beyond controlling your microchips? Only you can tell for sure. Of course both these programs are just for fun and you can have a great deal of fun if you get into the spirit!