#205 - Trekkie


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A new Star Trek game, part simulation, part arcade that will delight all Trekkies. This adventure takes place long before the Klingon Empire joined the Federation of Planets and so a massive Klingon force is threatening to destroy the Federation and your task is to stop this invasion. Various options allow you to warp to other sectors, activate the long range scanner, set phasors, raise shields, dock with bases to refuel and use the transporter to ferry supplies from planets. Throughout the game you will be receiving messages from different members of the Enterprise crew and you need to constantly heed these to progress. Your task is simple - destroy the Klingons - but is also complex, as commanding a ship like the Enterprise is no easy matter. Unlike straight simulations this has arcade elements in which you blast at the Klingon ships and dock with planets, similar in style really to Star Raiders. One novelty is that the messages from crew members are held as text files on the disk so you can use a word processor to customise these and have your own version of the garne!

Boot without Basic. For docs use another disk to run "D:README.BAS".