#233 - Colourful


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Experience the many wonderful colour combinations that your Atari is capable of with this disk of visual and audio delight. The principal program is a pattern generator that uses the famous 'rainbow' effect of all 256 colours scrolling on your screen at one time. There are 16 different pattern effects to choose from that give wonderful, swirling, hypnotic effects on your screen. When you have chosen your pattern you may select from 10 different modes that change the effects, often quite dramatically. This visual delight has to be seen to be appreciated but will enthral everyone who likes to see excellent colour effects on their Atari. Sound is not neglected with a four part sound sequence from Germany that plays classical tunes (Bach?) with a harpsichord effect. Some very nice depth to the sound on these tracks. The disk is rounded off with a demo showing a Sony video recorder accompanied by an excellent rendition of a Jean-Michell Jarre tune. A great disk to demonstrate the graphic and sound capabilities of your favourite machine.

Boot with Basic.