#259 - Beachcomber


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Still on the adventure trail but now to sunnier climes. Fancy a trip to Florida, even if only in your imagination? BEACHCOMBER is set on a wide sandy beach in the Sunshine State. Seagulls overhead, waves rolling in, kids splashing in the surf and sunbathers everywhere. You can feel the soft sand under your feet the sun beating down on your shoulders and the ocean breeze against your pale face. Smell the salt air! Squinting in the bright sunlight you decide to check things out and get your bearings. You are barefoot and wearing a T-shirt and shorts with pockets but that is just about all you know as you decide to head up, or down, the beach. What will await you on this idyllic holiday? Will you discover Disneyworld or something much more sinister? Once you have finished discovering the joys (or otherwise) of sunny Florida you can deprive yourself of almost everything in OVERHEARD! Here you start in a prison cell with stinking straw on the floor and a small barred window. If you move next door you will find an old man with a straggling beard and tom tunic and a chain hanging from the ceiling. The obvious thing to do is get out, but how? The old man does not seem to want to talk to you and pulling the chain seems to produce only a distant crash. What is going on? Can you make it out? Take your pick from two types of escapism with these new text adventures.

Boot with Basic.