#265 - Captain Nemo


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Join Captain Nemo as he explores his undersea world in his famous submarine. This top quality arcade game is basically an undersea shoot-up as you control the submarine and avoid attack by jellyfish and all sorts of nasty sea creatures. You must guide the submarine through undersea caverns and make sure that you shoot any sea-life before it can contact your ship. Graphics and game play are excellent and the game is a challenge to play - I don't even know what lies beyond the first cavern! If you fancy your shoot-ups in space then LASER GATES, also on the disk, might be more to your liking. Here you have to blast your way through stationary and moving laser gates to get to your destination. Of course there are enemy craft blasting at you and, whilst the occasional brush with a wall or gate won't kill you, you have only limited energy. Two top quality arcade games for those who still enjoy playing games.

Boot with Basic.