DOS 2.5

(c) Atari Corp


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We have just received this direct from ATARI in the States with permission to distribute it. Users of DOS 3.0 should get a copy, owners of a 130XE should definitely get a copy, 1050 users should have it whilst the old timers with 400/800's and an 810 can save their money! DOS 2.5 is totally compatible with DOS 2.0 and will automatically format a disk in a 1050 drive in enhanced density giving 1010 sectors. There is provision to format in single density if required. There are additional utilities included for fixing bad disks and transferring files from DOS 3.0 to DOS 2.5. How do you use it? That's easy, there is a complete manual on the disk which can be read with Atariwriter or sent to a printer or displayed on screen with a utility program on the disk. Everything you need is there.

If you have a 130XE you need this without question for it automatically sets up the top 64k as a 'disk drive' allowing automatic access to DOS and saving or running of programs without physically accessing the disk! It's brilliant The original Master Disk came in enhanced format but as there will be some owners with a 130XE and an 810 drive we have transferred it to single density so it can be used by all.

This is the new 'standard' which everybody should have.