ST News Volume 2 Issue 5


Richard Karsmakers of ST News really is pulling out all the stops with the latest issues of ST News. As well as being packed with the usual incredible amount of information this one has music and is improved in many ways. The problem with colour has finally been attended to and the program is now quite easy to read on a colour system. As well as the articles there are several programs included for GFA Basic.

This issue contains solutions to Wishbringer, Mindshadow, Farenheit 451 and Tass Times, an interview with Rob Hubbard, a report from the Chicago CES, a novel called RAM Space, the continuing 68000 and Forth courses together with the usual varied and unrivalled assortment of news, gossip and talk. Reviews include Roadrunner, Airball, Hades Nebula and Barbarian among many others. This issue has a new feature that allows you to save any file in 1st Word format so that you can print out a permanent reference of any article.

ST NEWS price is 3.95. An amazing amount of information for so little cost.