ST News Volume 3 Issue 2


Hot on the heels of the last one comes issue 2 of the new volume. Again all the usual features are included with loads of up to date news and gossip. The features include the Solutions to Transylvania and Leisure Suit Larry, another article on the ST Virus and an enhanced Virus Destruction program. There is an article on Jimi Hendrix(!) and TEX in Holland and a story about Why Girls Hate Computers. More 68000 and Forth in the Education section plus GFA, Games Hints and Tips, Scroll Tricks and Ultima Ill in Crimson's column. The host of reviews include Gunship, Terramex, Disk Mags, Ultima IV, Dungeon Master, ST Soccer, Nutworks, Amiga Demo, Return to Genesis and 5 in 1 Ramdisk.

Another fine issue for the same price of 3.95