ST News Volume 4 Issue 1


ST NEWS starts another year with a new volume in which they introduce a new standard of scrolling message along with all of the other features usually found in ST NEWS. In this issue you will find solutions to Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love and Fish and several features/stories including The Divine Desert, The Chocolate Mousse Peckers, Men <> Women and Software Piracy. There is also another article on ST viruses. Educational items include part XIII of the Forth course, The Wizards on graphics programming, scrolling in machine code and GFA Basic and A Desktop Selector in GFA. The reviews section includes Captain Fizz, Technocop, Warp, President is Missing Circus Games, Rambo III, Spitting Image, Neodesk 2.0, Soundmachine ST, Multiface ST and the Cambridge Computer ZX88!

Add all the usual news, gossip and comments and you have another interesting issue of ST NEWS to while away the hours on your ST.

ST NEWS is 3.95 and, unlike other libraries, we pass on a proportion of this to Richard Karsmakers and the guys who help him out to show direct support from those who read and enjoy ST NEWS.