Computer Gaming World Magazine


Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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COMPUTER GAMING WORLD is a 48 page glossy American magazine which has just celebrated its first year but has only just become available over here. It is distributed in the U.K. by Games Workshop.

Games Workshop are heavily into Dungeons and Dragons and Wargaming and it might be expected therefore that Computing Gaming World will reflect similar interests. it does. Its content consists almost entirely of reviews - all written by readers - but these are not the normal half page game descriptions you find in most magazines, but full length, in depth, discussions of game design, strategy and tactics. Would you believe a three and one third page review of Chris Crawford's new game, Legionnaire? Most of the strategy type games currently available are written for the Apple but Computer Gaming World has a surprising amount of interest to the Atari owner. Reviews are broken down into three categories. Mini reviews which merely give you a brief description of what you can expect to see in the near future, Micro Reviews which are more like the normal magazine reviews and Feature reviews which really go to town like the review of Legionnaire. The current issue (Dec/Jan) has 29 mini reviews of which 8 are Atari but then most of the Apple ones will soon be available on Atari, four Micro Reviews of Atari games, the review of Legionnaire and a full article on how you can change Eastern Front if you don't like the way it plays! In addition to all that, the next issues will feature a regular Atari column.

If your gaming interests lie in the strategy field or you prefer to exercise your 'thinking' ability rather than your reflexes then Computer Gaming World is well worth 1.95 every two months. Quite apart from being an interesting read, you will get more out of your existing games and will have a much better idea of what to buy as your next piece of software. No other computer magazine that I can think of will give you reviews of such depth. Games Workshop have branches in various parts of the country but if you can't find a branch nearby give the Birmingham shop a ring on 021-632 4804 for more information.