Disk Directory

Colin Friston


Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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One of the most common uses for DOS on your disks is to obtain a directory of the contents. How many of us can remember all the file names we make up - DOS on every disk will take up 81 sectors but here is a program that will give you a directory on screen or on the printer at a cost of only 8 sectors per disk.

I usually file as "DIR" so that it can be accessed simply by RUN "D: DIR". The program opens an IOCB to the disk drive directory and runs between lines 40 and 60 getting all directory entries. At the end of file the program traps to line 90 and gives an optional printout. A trap to line 100 is included to cover the printer being out of commission. The program is a fast way to recall and record what is on each disk without having to go into DOS.

Next issue I will show you a Master Directory which will give you a catalog of all your disk entries.

AtariLister - requires Java