Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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1/2 PLAYERS      32K DISK

PREPPIE is probably quite well known by now but deserves a mention as it has some of the best graphics and sound of all the Atari games developed so far. Make that all the COMPUTER games developed so far, because no other home computer can come near achieving the capabilities of the Atari and this game proves it.

PREPPIE is like Frogger in that you have to get your 'Preppie' (American for schoolboy) across the golf course with assorted mowers, tractors and golf buggies and then across a river with boats, logs and alligators. In this game however you must retrieve golf balls and make it back again. The game is not too difficult to play (I scored over 12000 the first try!) and is probably ideally suited to children even if they just watch you play. The graphics and the music will keep them enthralled and there will be howls of laughter when the Preppie falls in the river or gets squashed by a golf cart!

The game obviously gets more difficult as you go through the levels but is probably one which you could actually master. Even level 10 is not that difficult, but then I have discovered a way of jumping straight to level 10 and starting with five men instead of three! (Any offers?)

If you have a young family, this game is ideal. The instructions include a five page story introduction and even if the young ones can't get very far in playing, they will love watching.