Sea Dragon


Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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What about an arcade style game that is nice and relaxing, instead of having you jumping out of your seat? At first sight SEA DRAGON appears to be just the thing.

Your submarine glides slowly along and you can dive or surface at realistically slow speeds all the while accompanied by the soporific deep 'bleep' of the radar. All you need to do in the game is to shoot mines which are either tethered or on the seabed and then negotiate some underground passages. Great, I thought, no more ending up a nervous wreck after fighting off the first hoard of aliens. Wrong! There are no aliens, but SEA DRAGON turns out to be just as nerve wracking to play as all the best arcade games. The problem is. believe it or not, the very slowness of the game. The mines on the seabed break loose at random and float upwards. Unless you have anticipated them and have time to fall back, you are stuck trying to slowly back away whilst knowing you are not going to make it! Negotiating the underground passages is difficult as there is very little room and rising vertically takes some control as the screen is scrolling at a constant rate. You have to both go up and backwards at the same time to avoid deadly contact with the walls. Farther on into the game the passages get narrower, the mines more frequent and ships above drop depth charges. Oh, and by the way, there are 'Supershooters' protecting some of the passages and forcefields protecting the Master Mine. And you can run out of air if you don't surface regularly.

I started off thinking this a very easy game, got fed up with it when I found out how hard it is but now that I have managed to negotiate some of the passages, have become quite addicted. One minor criticism is that the High Score feature is set at 5000 before you start the game and it takes a long while to have your scores registered!