Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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Brilliant! A totally original arcade style game which combines the simplicity of noughts and crosses with nine different arcade games. A winner all the way.

The overriding objective of the game is simple noughts and crosses-nothing more but to get your cross in the box you have to play a complete arcade game chosen from one of the nine available. Get killed and a nought goes in the box instead. Three noughts and you lose. Three crosses and you go on to the next level. What makes Triad so good however are the superb graphics of each game and the fact that it is not just a shoot-em-up game, for you have to think about each game at each level to figure out just how you kill off the nasties. Let's take you through a game. You start with a noughts and crosses board with a 'nasty' in each of the squares. As you press the trigger these are scrambled to give you a random playboard and you choose where to put your cross by moving a large window cursor with the joystick. Press the trigger again and you are into the game you have chosen. As I said earlier, there are nine games and they are all different. Happy/sad faces, bug-eyed monsters, butterflies, chess pieces, spiders, arrows, hornets, flying saucers and bats are your adversaries. Each one requires a different technique. As you progress through the levels - by winning at noughts and crosses the screen gets more and more crowded and the action faster - The graphics stay superb throughout.

There are one or two player options and you can use joysticks, paddles or keys. The review copy was hot off the press and I did not get an instruction booklet so there may be even more in there. I couldn't figure out how you get the two player option but the Adventure International catalogue says it's there. Triad should be available by the time you read this and if you have 48K and Disk get a look, it really is a unique game. If someone could pack Triad into 16K on cassette then I am sure it would be the number one seller for some time, but I fear it can't be done. Definitely one to make the upgrade and disk drive worthwhile though.