The Search


Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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You don't get many Graphic Adventures for 16K machines, so The Search from CS Software was of considerable interest. First thoughts were that the 'graphic' part would consist of ordinary characters poked onto a Graphics 0 screen with the rest left to imagination but that isn't what The Search is like. This becomes apparent as soon as the game is loaded. Colour is used quite extensively and to good effect to represent your surroundings and the various characters you will meet and objects you will find. There are no high-resolution graphics but then you can't expect that in 16K and without a disk drive.

The game is a Fantasy Adventure where your quest is to find a magic ring and return it to the blue castle from whence you start. Included in the package is a letter from the High Wizard Moradoc - a nice touch this - giving you the benefit of his knowledge of what you might find on your travels. There are orbs for markers, mushrooms to eat for strengh, a magic carpet to whisk you to other locations, treasure chests and more specific items like keys, a chalice and the Great Sword. The Inhabitants of the land are an untrustworthy bunch and keep popping up at unexpected moments. You must decide whether to fight or bribe them or try and talk. Only your intuition will tell you the best course. There are over 100 screens for you to explore and various locations such as the West Woods, Middle Marsh and the Great Dark Forest. Overall the game is quite pleasing though seemingly difficult to succeed at. There are one or two things which are frustrating such as the slow speed your character moves and the fact that you have no control in the battles which seem to be decided somewhat arbitrarily. The game would certainly be improved if your character actually 'walked' about the screen as you moved him and if you could get more involved in the battles.

There must be many owners with 16K machines who have not tried an Adventure for they are few and far between unless you have at least 32K. For these people The Search might be an ideal start although seasoned Adventurers would almost certainly find it too simplistic. The Search is available by Mail Order from CS Software at 14.95 including postage or from selected retailers.