Public Domain Programs


Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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A number of offers have been received from User Groups in America and Australia to exchange disks of Public Domain programs which is a great idea but does cause a problem in that there seems to be very few programs available in the U.K. to make up disks for exchange. If you read Antic magazine you will know that you can purchase disks of Public Domain programs from them at low cost and Page 6 would like to do the same making both disks and cassettes of U.K. and overseas material available to Users. The success of this depends entirely on you. If there are not enough programs to make up a U.K. disk then we will have nothing to exchange, so if you have written a program or a demonstration, send a cassette or disk to Page 6. When your program is included on a U.K. disk, your disk or tape will be returned (when the exchange programs are available) with something like 5-10 programs from overseas. Other Users will be able to purchase disks or tapes at the cost of making them available.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well it's up to you to make it work, so send in your programs now.


As well as more programs, articles, hints and tips we hope to be able to publish a definitive list of all the books that are available for your Atari computer. This is where YOUR help will be invaluable. If you have any unusual books on the Atari, perhaps that you obtained from America, please drop us a line with details of the title, publisher and price and a brief description of the contents. Let's see how many books there really are for the Atari.