First Steps

John Dimmer, Elgin, Scotland


Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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FIRST STEPS takes a different format this month in that it features an article and program submitted by JOHN DIMMER as a Beginners Page. I am sure that John will be the first to admit that there are many improvements that could be made to the program and that is where you come in. See what you can learn from the program. I will pass on all your suggestions.

The only alteration which has been made to the original is to replace the original lines 10-50 with an amended line 1 and the subroutine at line 500. As originally written, the program would only run with 48K memory.

I purchased an Atari 800 at Xmas and I soon discovered that I needed to know a vast amount of information and Atari are not very helpful. I took Mike Reynolds-Jones' advice and bought 'Your Atari 400/800 Computer'. I found it to be excellent for the beginner. I also subscribed to 'The UK Atari Owners Club' run by Maplin, and between PAGE 6 and others I am slowly beginning to unravel the mysteries of computing and the Atari - well  they are mysteries to me! I also bought the Master Memory Map which is invaluable in trying to understand magazine listings.

I humbly offer my first 'long' program which is designed to work out my bank balance and also act as a monthly reminder. It includes a character set redefinition routine which I have pinched from 'The UK Atari' - issue 1 (due acknowledgments). The program will have to be adapted to your own personal requirements. Please send any suggestions for improvements to the Editor.

Line 1

clears screen and lowers Memtop for new character set

Lines 3-9 

sets up initial display

Line 10

goes to subroutine at 500 to move character set and redefine ! as  

Line 55

removes cursor

Lines 61-75

sets the variables and monthly variations

Line 66

leave P=0:W(0)=0

Line 75

opens the channel for the Yes/No interlude 

Lines 81-93

sets up the second display - adjust for your own use

Lines 95-110 

the GET Yes/No routine

Lines 125-170

does the calculations and sets up the cheque display 

Lines 180-280

using string variables, the monthly reminders are displayed. I used this area to remind me of birthdays, anniversaries, bills etc. 

Lines 300-330

optional information to suit your requirements

Lines 345-347

allows you to repeat

AtariLister - requires Java