Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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Been into W.H.Smith lately? I don't blame you, but it will probably be worth a look this week to find THE ATARI USER, a new nationally distributed Atari only magazine published by Database Publications every month. Cover price is 1 with a 12 month subscription at 12. Overseas subscriptions should also be available. If your local newsagent does not stock it, you can ask him to order it for you. Watch out also for other Atari promotions from Database.

W.E.Electronics whose products were reviewed last issue (FOUR ADD-ONS) now have a true 64k RAM expansion for the 600XL which will run all XL software including the few available titles that switch out the Operating System. Price is 71.95.

Atari have recently re-organised their European distribution, warehousing and administration by centralising operations in Rotterdam. The move is in preparation for the European launch of the ST and XE range in mid April and is designed to achieve maximum economy in handling volume sales to the European and U.K. markets. Future trade deliveries in the U.K. will be met through a computerised call-off procedure linking factory production to the Rotterdam warehouse. All part of Jack Tramiel's plan to "bring Atari computers to the masses not the classes".

Silica Shop have recently set up Silica Distribution Ltd to handle trade distribution of Atari and Atari-related products to retailers nationwide. They will handle only Atari and aim to canvas up to 5000 trade outlets in the U.K. to encourage the stocking of Atari products. If your local retailer does not stock Atari hardware or software tell him to get in touch with Geoff Helm or Adrian Quinn on 01 309 1111. There is a vast amount of Atari software available and your local retailer can get it - if you insist.


Received for review:

The following items were recently received but too late for full review.

THE PAY-OFF a 48k disk based text adventure from Atari at only 9.99. Set in New Jersey it looks like a 'Mike Hammer' style trudge around the city streets only you are not the detective, just a small guy who owes the big guys money. It says on the pack, "no instructions, no help, you're on your own".

MY ATARI XL AND ME a book aimed at 'children and total beginners'. Written by an older beginner it starts at the very beginning and aims to allow users from 6 years upwards to begin to understand the computer. Published by Duckworth Publishing at 2.95.