Typo II Auto Delete

by Les Ellingham



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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Add these program lines to TYPO II from issue 14 and you can delete TYPO II from your listing automatically. Your program can then be SAVEd or CSAVEd without going through the procedure of LISTing to tape or disk.

First change lines 32080 and 32090 to

NX 32080 IF LINE$="END" THEN 32230
JN 32090 POSITION 2,10:? "CONT":B=VAL(LINE$): POSITION 1,3:? " ";

Now add the following lines

PO 32230 TYPO=32000
NQ 32240 POSITION 2,2:? ""
RH 32250 FOR DEL=TYPO-10 TO TYPO+150 STEP 10
DK 32260 ? DEL:NEXT DEL:? "POKE 842,12:? CHR$(125):CONT"
UK 32270 POSITION 0,0:POKE 842,13:STOP
JF 32280 IF TYPO=32000 THEN TYPO=TYPO+150:GOTO 32240

When you have finished typing a listing and the prompt 'Type a program line' is on the screen type the word END and TYPO II will be deleted. Just SAVE or CSAVE your program as normal.

Typo II

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