The Wanderer

by Stephen Pedler



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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Maze games have always been popular puzzles, both before and since the advent of personal computers. However, the graphics capability of computers means that we can now travel through a maze as though we were actually inside it-the 3D maze game. `The Wanderer' is just such a maze.


This is straightforward, but notice that there are several groups of very similar lines contained in the program. You can save yourself some typing time by using the Atari's editing facilities to duplicate the first line of a group and then making changes as appropriate.


Brief instructions are summarised in the program itself, but are amplified here.

On running the program, you are first presented with a reminder of the instructions. Pressing the START button then shows you the maze from a bird's-eye view complete with your starting position and that of the exit. Note that the exit and start positions change each time you play a new game, but that the maze itself is constant.

Pressing start again puts you into the maze. You move through the maze using the joystick (up = North, right = East, down = South and left= West). The number of moves you have taken is displayed at the bottom of the screen, as is the direction you are facing. If you wish to look in another direction, simply press the corresponding key (N,S,E,W). Note however that pushing the stick up still moves you North. This can be slightly confusing until you get the hang of it.

If you get stuck help is at hand. Pressing the 'H' key gives you your position relative to the exit, while pressing 'M' shows you the maze from above complete with the positions of yourself and the exit. In order to prevent the game from being too easy, you can only use these facilities a small number of times in each game. Using the `M' key also adds 5 steps to your score as an additional penalty.

Finally, pressing 'Q' allows you to quit the game with an option to play again (with different start and exit positions). If you don't want to play another game, the program will erase itself from memory. Pressing 'I' allows you to remind yourself of the instructions.

AtariLister - requires Java