Tick Tock

by A. Mills



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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What time is it? If you have young children who are learning to tell the time, Tick Tock will help them learn with the chance to hear the chimes of the clock (worth typing the program in for!) and see a rainbow when they get it right.

There are several options which are fully prompted on screen and four levels from whole hours to quarter hours, every five minutes or single minutes. The chimes can be switched on or off and you can choose whether or not the correct time is shown in the event of a wrong answer. When responses are required there is no need to press RETURN. The program will expect double figures to be entered when required and these will not show on screen until two figures are typed. The program gives 10 goes but this can be changed by altering the loop in line 210.

Type it in, it is worth seeing even if you don't have any children. If you do it is an excellent way to teach them the time in the old fashioned way - before the 24 hour clock that is, not before computers!

AtariLister - requires Java