Fruit Salad

Reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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P. F. Software 

16k cassette


Another bargain game at 2.95 but perhaps not quite as strong as others from the same company. FRUIT SALAD is basically the Mastermind game in which you have to guess a sequence of pegs by deduction from clues given as to how close your previous guess was. Mastermind has been the subject of many computer translations but this is probably the best I have seen. Instead of plain coloured pegs, you have different fruits to choose from and the whole screen with a redefined character set looks very good. The game is played entirely with the joystick and there are several beginning options including 3 or 5 fruits, blank spaces and 1 or 2 players. Mastermind is well known now but still makes an interesting game and is a change from the usual arcade action. Mastermind as a game is not particularly dynamic but this version is very well done and at only 2.95 how can you go wrong?