Fruit Pickin'

Reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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P. F. Software

16k cassette

If you have read previous reviews in PAGE 6 of programs from P.F.Software you might think that we have a vested interest. Not true, it's simply that they keep coming out with budget priced software that offers excellent value for the little money you have to spend.

Latest to be released is FRUIT PICKIN' which sees P. F. Software delve into the use of lots of machine code for the first time. FRUIT PICKIN' is a Pac Man style game in which you must go round the maze picking up various fruits on each level. 'Enemies' bounce from side to side in smooth scrolling action along the horizontal lanes whilst in the higher levels 'elevators' rise and fall in certain of the vertical lanes. The enemies are different on each level and include such weird and wonderful things as telephones, mugs of tea, cheeseburgers and C64 signs! All of these are extremely well designed Players as is your character who walks and turns in each direction. There are seven levels of increasing difficulty with the seventh level 'a nightmare' according to the author.

FRUIT PICKIN' is a simple game but is well written, challenging and addictive. At 2.95 you won't find better value anywhere and if you look with envy at the hundreds of cheap games for other micros them.

You don't get fancy colour inlays or fancy protection techniques with P. F. Software but then you don't pay an extra 5 for them!