Cohen's Towers

Reviewed by Jim Short



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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48K Disk

COHEN'S TOWERS is a pretty obscure sort of game in the sense that precious few people seem to have heard of it which is a great pity because it is an original and highly addictive game with great graphics and even better sound.

In the actual game you play the part of the Boss's nephew, Allen, who is starting out in his new job as a mailboy. The game begins with a novel opening sequence involving a telex type message from the Boss. After that, it's on with the job.

The screenplay is a view of a block of flats split down the centre. Allen has to collect the many parcels one at a time from the various levels and deposit them in any of the three available 'mail drops'. Lifts are used to move up and down between the levels but jumping on and off the lifts is a fairly critical operation and requires a great deal of practice in order to time it just right. One false move and Allen plunges to his doom, forfeiting one of his lives. Also, if he stays on any individual lift for too long he is in danger of being knocked off by falling plant pots!

Allen is hampered in his work by pesky dogs who pursue him relentlessly on most of the levels. He can either jump over them or jump onto a lift in a bid to escape. At certain stages in the game a young girt and a sleepwalker will appear. Allen must touch them before they disappear inside the doors on their respective levels or he forfeits a life. The sleepwalker, incidentally, is a scream. He looks like something straight from the set of Hammer's House of Horrors! Different tunes accompany all the various unusual occurrences and they are of excellent standard.

Once Allen has deposited all the parcels in the mail drops the Boss shows up and leads him off to the next building where the whole thing begins again, only much harder.

COHEN'S TOWERS is an excellent little game that I can highly recommend.