Monster Smash

Reviewed by Jim Short



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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48K Disk

This serves to prove that simple games are generally the most addictive. You are in charge of a grid that is being invaded from two different sides of the screen by mischievous monsters. You must entice them into the grid by opening various doors and quickly trap them by closing the doors behind them. Then you must smash them to pulp with your pulverisers! The doors are controlled by the joystick and the pulverisers by either the joystick or the fire button depending on whether you wish to operate the left or right sets of pulverisers or both. Each monster you smash earns you a certain number of points with high points being awarded for smashing multiple monsters. Any monster that manages to escape off the screen is counted against you. When a total of 10 monsters have escaped the game is over.

At certain points during the game, depending on your current score, the play pauses momentarily before advancing onto the next level. Also your 'escapees' total is reset to zero. In the higher levels the monsters become much more tricky as play speeds up considerably. Visitors (humans) are introduced to the game and you must allow them to pass safely through the grid whilst you are still busy smashing the monsters. If you accidentally smash 3 visitors the game is over, however you score large bonus points for allowing a visitor to pass safely through the grid. A High Score table is incorporated in the game for all those who like to see their name in lights.

The outstanding thing about MONSTER SMASH is the opening title tune. It is, without any shadow of doubt, the best musical score I've ever heard in a computer game. It is almost worth purchasing the game just to listen to the music. Yes, it is that good!


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