Mr Robot And His Robot Factory 

Reviewed by Jim Short



Issue 15

May/Jun 85

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48K Disk

Big Five's Miner 2049er spawned a whole new generation of jumping and climbing games. MR ROBOT is a variation of the basic theme but it is so much more than just another jumping and climbing game. Quite simply, it is the best game of this type currently available for the Atari.

The complete software package is really two different games in one. MR ROBOT being the main game whilst the ROBOT FACTORY is an added bonus. In the main game, you control Mr Robot and the idea is to collect all the power pills in order to advance onto the next level. You are hampered by nasty 'alienfire' which patrol the various platforms. You can jump over them or, alternatively, collect an energiser which immediately shrouds Mr Robot with a force-field, enabling him to dispose of the alienfire merely by touching them. Predictably, the force-field effect lasts only for a limited amount of time.

There are 22 levels of play, each level completely different from the previous one. You will encounter various modes of transport such as ladders, tread-mills, escalators, poles to slide down, bombs to walk over and explode, trampolines, transporters, magnets to enable you to jump over large gaps and much, much more.

The graphics are superb and DLI's have been used to create some interesting rainbow colour effects. With 22 different levels of play, the game is a constant challenge and you will not tire of it easily. MR ROBOT has more variety than Miner 2049er, superior graphics, colour and sound and is an all round better game. I certainly rate it in my top 5 'all-time' Atari games.

The ROBOT FACTORY is virtually a game in itself. It allows you to create up to 26 different screens and save them to disk in order to produce your very own version of MR ROBOT. The possibilities are endless.