by Fred Key


Issue 19

Jan/Feb 86

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Look out of the window. It's Christmas and there should be snow. No? Well create a snow scene on your screen with SNOWFALL. Sit back and watch as the snow settles then stop the fall and watch as a thaw sets in!

Type in and run listing 1 and watch the snow fall. If you press `T' the snow will stop and a slow thaw will set in. If you press 'S' it will start to snow again. Lines 1000 - 1100 contain the house and bird table scene and can be changed to any other scene you wish.

If you make the changes shown in Listing 2 you can watch the effects of a cross wind on the falling snow. Note that this listing must be added to Listing 1, it will not run on its own.

Listing 1

AtariLister - requires Java

Listing 2

AtariLister - requires Java