The Chase

by Nigel Llewellyn


Issue 19

Jan/Feb 86

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For those of you who enjoy more sedate or traditional games or who would like a good family game for up to four players, here is THE CHASE.

The game is based on the popular board game of `Ludo' and each player has four counters of one colour and must release them from 'Base' onto the starting square of their own colour. The counters are then moved around the play area to arrive at 'Home' (Headquarters). The first player to move all his counters into Headquarters is the winner. As with Ludo, if you land on a square which is already occupied by an opponent, you capture that square and your opponent's counter must be returned to Base. The game differs from Ludo in that only one counter can occupy any square so that if you are unlucky enough to land on a square already occupied by one of your own counters, you will capture your own counter thus returning it to Base.

More detailed instructions are included in the program and prompts are shown on screen throughout the game. No joysticks are required.

AtariLister - requires Java