101 ST Hints And Tips (well a few!)


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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I was recently speaking to one of our contributors along the lines of 'Did you know you can....?' when it became apparent that we each knew a few tips on using the ST that the other did not know yet both thought everyone knew! So, in an effort to document the (possibly) unknown we will start this column. It may only run for this issue but at least you will know where to find it. If any readers have discovered other hints or tips for the easier use of the ST or know of any we have missed please let us know and we will include them in the next issue.

SELECTIVE COPYING: Hold the Shift key while clicking on files to copy. This way files can be chosen at random instead of in blocks.

STOP PRINTING: If you have started a screen dump and for some reason wish to abort, just press ALTERNATE-HELP again.

CHANGING ICON NAMES: If you want to label your drives in a more meaningful way, for example 'main drive' and 'backups' or 'top drive' and 'bottom drive', click on the icon and then drop down Install Drive from GEM. Delete the current name and type in a new one. Once done save the desktop to the disk that you wish to use for booting up. You cannot change the Trash Can name in this way but the DESKTOP.INF file can be loaded into an ASCII word processor and changed provided that you don't use a name longer than the existing one. Just resave the Desktop again when it has been changed.

CLEARING INFORMATION: In most cases the ESC key will clear an existing filename so that it is not necessary to backspace. This applies to filenames in Selection Windows and also to the Control Panel when you want to change the time or date.

DISK DIRECTORIES: To find the contents of a disk open a window on a particular drive and then insert a new disk in that drive. Instead of double clicking and opening another window just press the ESC key.

USING INACTIVE WINDOWS: Normally if you want to copy a file from an inactive window you click on that window, drag the file across and then have to click on the original window to re-activate it. By holding the right hand mouse button at the same time as clicking the left button, you can select files for copying from inactive windows thus saving some considerable time.

I hope that a few of the above are new to you and will help you use your ST to greater effect. As I said above if YOU have any hints or tips. please let me know.

Les Ellingham