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Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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Microdeal should by now have Karate Kid II out and if the game is anything like the initial graphics then it should be a stunner. Those graphics stopped every passer by at the PCW show and some of the action is said to involve the full screen graphics. The game closely follows the film and, in addition to fighting, involves such tests as breaking blocks of ice and catching flies with chopsticks! There are no points, no high scores, just survival and the chance to become a hero.

Another new one from Microdeal for C programmers is Easy Record a file management system for programmers to keep and access data records in an orderly fashion. A sort of dedicated database, it sells for 39.95

Interface Technology in the States has announced the development of an adapter to allow the 520ST or 1040ST to be used with a standard IBM style (TTL/RGB) colour monitor. The unit plugs into the video output and simulates a Colour Graphics Adapter with 8 colours in medium resolution and 4 colours in low resolution. Also planned is a composite Video Adapter which will allow the use of a standard mono monitor in the low and medium resolution modes. Price of the first adapter is $49.95 and details can be obtained from Interface Technology Inc., 14440 Cherry Lane Court, Suite 219, Laurel, MD 20707, U.S.A.

Robtek have a special Christmas offer, Macro Manager and ST Toolkit both on one disk for just 44.95 a saving of over 15. Hurry, Christmas is nearly over!

Epyx and U.S. Gold have just released World Games at 24.99, a follow on from the highly popular Summer and Winter games but this time featuring sports that don't make it into the Olympics. The game includes a world travelogue and features such sports as caber tossing, cliff diving, bull riding and log rolling. The graphics are excellent.

Kuma keep them coming with a new GEM based word processor called K-WORD and an improved version of their comms package entitled K-COMM 2. Also recently released is an upgrade to K-GRAPH. K-WORD and K-COMM both retail at 49.95 and are up to Kuma's usual standards.

Metacomco have released two new languages for the ST thus extending the scope of the ST even further. Cambridge Lisp is said to be the most powerful language yet to become available for the ST and BCPL is a powerful programming language suited to a wide variety of applications from process control and operating systems to applications and games. Cambridge Lisp is 149.95 and BCPL is 99.95.

First releases from XLENT SOFTWARE (UK) are Megafont ST at 29.95, Typesetter Elite at 34.95 and Write 90 at 19.95. Megafont has been well known and respected in the Atari 8-bit world and now gives ST owners the opportunity to print ASCII, 1st Word or similar files in a variety of text styles. Different sizes and fonts may be used in the same document and in addition graphics files from DEGAS, Neochrome and Rubber Stamp may be included in the text. Typesetter Elite is a GEM based page layout system for use with a dot-matrix printer and is ideal for newsletters, broadsheets and the like. Graphics, multiple font styles and sizes may all be included. Write 90 could become the most indispensable program for anyone using spreadsheets as it will print any file sideways on most dot-matrix printers. Certainly a lot cheaper than a wide carriage printer!