Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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48k Disk 9.95
48k Cassette 7.95

1 player
1 joystick/keyboard

This game from Red Rat combines skilful strategy with arcade action to form an intriguing new war game.

You are under attack from a neighbouring country and, as a result of a previous confrontation, your defences are now very weak. Your enemy sends powerful warships to attack your main base and your only hope lies with the heavily armed and deadly Lynx helicopter which is at your disposal. You must deploy it against the attacking surface ships and missiles.

The game features four-way scrolling as you guide the Lynx into battle, making counter-strikes against the enemy warships and salvaging the raw materials which your armaments factory needs to produce more weapons and ammunition.

Your secondary aim is to protect your own base, but your primary objective is to attack and destroy the enemy's underground harbour and achieve final victory.

Apart from the usual joystick commands, various keyboard inputs are required to operate all the strategic functions, making WAR-COPTER quite a tricky game to handle at first. A good effort from Red Rat though - and top marks to them for an original idea. There's precious few of those about these days!