Rocket Repairman

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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48k Disk 4.99
48k Cassette 2.99

1 player
1 joystick


Red Rat are stepping up their Atari support with a whole bundle of new releases plus the added good news that
several of them are aimed at the budget market. ROCKET REPAIRMAN is one of these.

You are stranded on the distant planet of Leskos and, with the aid of your jet-pack, you must explore the maze of underground caverns for essential components of your astro-ship. By returning them individually to the teleporter pad, you can assemble your rocket and blast off to freedom.

The caverns are extremely narrow and inadvertently brushing the sides will damage your space-suit and cause leakage. Neutino Ghosts (sounds like an Italian spiritualist!) and Quark Phantoms wander the caverns and these will also drain your suit if they contact you. They can either be avoided or neutralised with your laser.

ROCKET REPAIRMAN doesn't break any new ground, but it is a compulsive little item which I found myself playing over and over again in a bid to complete the rocket and witness the 'grand finale'. Do I have to tell you that I never quite managed it?

I could criticise the bland colours and the naff explosion when your suit finally expires (it's more of a pop than an explosion), but that wouldn't be fair. At the asking price, it represents superb value for money.