Trivia Challenge 1

Reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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With the success of Trivial Pursuit and all its clones it is no surprise that trivia programs should appear on computers. What is perhaps surprising is that so few of them should have appeared! This one, written by Steve Bak, is graphically quite simple but quite challenging and keeps you coming back for 'just one more try' as all good computer games should do. It has the added bonus of allowing you, or a friend, to add almost unlimited questions of your own.

Trivia Challenge is, essentially, a one player game being based on the trivia gambling machines found in pubs and arcades. You start with $10 and can insert either 25 cents for one go or $1 which gives you five credits. Once the coins are 'inserted' you click on the word play and your first question appears. After a short delay to enable you to digest the question, three alternative answers appear and you click on the one you feel is correct. You have a limited time in which to answer and the faster you answer, the more points you score. Actually winning something is quite difficult as you are allowed only two incorrect answers in a turn and need to score at least 1000 points to win $1! The maximum points per question seems to be around 116 but if you need time to think it will be much lower. I consider myself to be pretty good on Pop music, but even so have had a hard struggle winning even $1.50 in this category!

The disk comes with the categories Sport, Art, Pop, Science and General Knowledge which is a mix of all the others. Each category has a minimum of 500 questions and General Knowledge has nearly 2,000. Questions do tend to repeat when you play the game after switching off, but the answers do not always appear in the same order. The questions are well thought out, interesting and particularly 'English' despite the $ winnings and the frequent spelling mistakes! Mind you if you want to be pedantic I suppose you could always load up the questions with your word processor, spell check them and save them back! Full instructions are given to create your own question sets with any ASCII word processor.

All in all, Trivia Challenge is great fun and highly recommended for any trivia buff, especially those who cannot find any friends to play with. Finally, for even more fun, how about using the 'do it yourself' option to load in all of the official questions from Trivial Pursuit, practice like mad and then thrash the life out of everybody at the next party!!