Reviewed by John Davison jnr


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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Tynesoft are not noted for titles of superb quality, so I was a bit dubious about reviewing one of their first ST games TIMEBLAST. Upon loading the game I thought that maybe, just maybe, they might be better on the sixteen bit than on the 8 bit machines. After a while, however, I concluded that this is a pretty boring game.

It is, basically, just a rewrite of the ancient classic 'Scramble' but without the bombs. The closest game to it I can think of is 'Tail of Beta Lyrae'. The graphics have been enhanced considerably but what it has gained in beauty it has lost in speed. This game is so S-L-O-W it is virtually unplayable unless you have the slowest reaction time in the universe! There is not much that you can really say about a game of this type, other than that you have to shoot just about everything that moves, no matter how slowly!

The scrolling isn't bad, and the backdrops are fairly good, but I have seen better. The sprites are well defined but not very well animated, the movement being a little painful on the eyeballs after a while. The sound effects aren't very good and there's no music at all. All this leads to a fairly mediocre game of not very good quality. The only redeeming feature is that is cheaper than almost any other game on the ST.