Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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Red Rat

48k Disk 9.95
48k Cassette 7.95
1 Player





This one was written by the author of Screaming Wings and it shows as ASTRO-DROID is basically a futuristic version of Paul Craven's previous effort for Red Rat. Indeed, it might well have been called SCREAMING WINGS 2001!

The game scenario speaks of Reldan Fighters and Neutron-powered Star Craft and suchlike, but you can forget the blurb as this is more or less another Uridium clone. Quite obviously it's Red Rat'S bid to cash in on the success of Warhawk and this should be enough to tell you that ASTRO-DROID is a vertical scrolling space-zapper.

The flight over the Reldan mega-craft is identical to the flight over the asteroid station in Warhawk, but the alien space-fighters are faster, meaner and altogether more deadly. Destroying 'C' targets will transform your Astro-Droid into an invincible attack-ship and, believe me, this is the only way you'll negotiate your way through some of the alien attack formations. Not even Luke Skywalker could weave his way safely through that lot!

Graphically ASTRO-DROID has the edge over Warhawk, but it's main drawback (for people like me) is that it's a bit of a toughie. The instructions mention bonus sections in deep space but I've never lasted the pace sufficient to encounter any. Definitely one for all those poor suffering mega-players who can't find a difficult enough Atari game to sink their teeth into.

Apart from that, it has brilliant graphics, reasonable sound effects, original music, and challenging gameplay. Red Rat have done it again. Who needs English Software anyway??