Who Dares Wins II

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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XL/XE only

Disk 9.95
Cassette 7.95

1 Player



A GUN LAW clone from Tynesoft which follows the Commando theme popularised by many recent computer games.

Armed with an automatic rifle and 12 grenades you must embark on a desperate mission to rescue prisoners held captive in enemy garrisons. Each subsequent mission becomes a survival quest as you tackle the endless hoardes of defending troops and crack snipers.

Extra points are awarded for destroying enemy trains, jeeps, boats, staff cars and tanks, with a bonus life arriving at 10,000 points. You also gain an additional 6 grenades for each captured outpost.

The title screen is well designed and the background music 'The Great Escape' quite appropriate, but the game is let down in other departments. The use of colour, for instance, is nothing short of diabolical. What you get are green trees and then everything else in shades of yucky brown. It's like an explosion in a sewage factory!!

Not a bad game by any standards ....... pity about those colours though!