River Rally

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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Red Rat
48k cassette only 2.99

1/2 Players


A budget release from Red Rat which is primarily a 2-player race game. A winding river forms the backdrop, twisting and turning in every direction, and the players must compete for sunken treasure which must then be safely deposited in their respective banks. Staying on course is the main problem, especially when you give the boat a touch of throttle. It's like hitting the turbo-boost on a Knight Rider 'Kit' car and the boat responds instantly by careering headlong out of control. Fortunately, ramps can be used to negotiate the river banks. A handy item these!!

Various dirty tricks can be used to hinder your opponent, such as laying mines for them to crash into or stealing their money by colliding with their boat anything goes really.

The game features a split screen view and the graphics are reasonably well done apart from the boats themselves, which are primitive PMG's without any elaborate shape or form.

Nothing earth-shattering about this one, but it's worth it's place in the budget market.