Reviewed by John Davison Jnr


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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Liberator is yet another vertical scrolling shoot 'ern up at a reasonable price. This time your job is to "search the five Colonial prison planets and free the Federation refugees who are being held captive by the rebel Altarian Storm Troopers and androids."

Before loading the game I was not really sure what to expect. I read through the instructions, which incidentally are a bit longer than your average MicroValue instructions (almost a whole side!!!) and discovered that it really was just another shoot 'ern up. You must guide you T.H.G.C. (Tactical Hover Gun Craft) through the enemy controlled terrain and liberate the imprisoned Federation members. Basically what you have to do is to shoot at all of the aliens that descend on you from all directions, and hover over large ammo boxes to replenish your supply of 'bombs'. When you eventually reach the prison cell you must shoot out the cell gates to release the prisoners. You must then teleport to the next planet avoiding the `Time Space Gates' (at least that what the instructions say, I've never actually seen the Gates).

The graphics in Liberator aren't bad, but as with many of the budget games they are not amazing. As you fly above the surface of the planet the rather dull background scrolls by fairly smoothly. I think that possibly the most graphically impressive things in Liberator are some of the alien creatures. Each sprite, although not very well animated, is very well drawn and extremely colourful, especially the large spherical orange aliens which look suspiciously like the old 'Corona' adverts on TV.

The sound in the game is fairly bad. There is a pretty awful multi voice background tune, which fortunately can be turned off and some puny sound effects which aren't really worth mentioning.

Liberator isn't bad, but it isn't a game I would rush out and spend thirteen pounds on.