Crafton & Xunc

Reviewed by John Davison Jnr


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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The year is 2912 AD and the possibility of a global war breaking out on Earth is high. All of the spatial colonies are threatened, and if the Central Galactic Control Computer is destroyed all life will disappear on the dependent planets.

You play the part of Crafton, an Android who specialises in dangerous missions and you are accompanied by Xunc, a creature known as a podocephale who is like a head sitting on top of a foot. Your mission is to penetrate the research centre protecting the Control Computer and avoid the catastrophe. Well, there you have the basic story behind the game.

In play, 'Grafton & Xunc' is fairly good. The screen layout is similar to that of many arcade adventures, showing the proceedings in 3D. You view each of the many rooms within the research centre from above one of the corners, making the room look like a diamond shape. The rooms each contain many objects, such as tables, chairs, settees, plants and usually something hostile, be it alien robots or green haired punks! All of these objects are very colourful and well drawn, thus giving the game a very pleasing look.

The sprite which you control is fairly well defined, as you can see all the major features such as his face, arms, legs and his red bobble hat wobbles about when he walks. 'What!?' you may well ask, 'an Android wearing a bobble hat!' Yes, Crafton wears the bobble hat to cover up his topless head. According to the comic book which accompanies the instruction sheet, Crafton's skullcap was misplaced, and then eaten by Xunc your (faithful!?) companion. But enough of that, it is not really important to the game.

As you roam about the research centre you will come across many different objects (as mentioned above). Most of these objects are movable, so moving cupboards away from walls can sometimes reveal hidden doorways. Also, hostile robots which chase you around can be trapped by cutting off passageways with tables or chairs. In addition, you will meet a few people during your exploration, including green haired punks and various blonde haired women, who will do their best to stop you doing any more exploration. Furthermore, there are some ancient looking scientists who must each be interrogated to obtain part of a secret eight figure code, which will eventually give you access to the central computer.

The sound in 'Crafton & Xunc' on the whole is not bad, the music at the beginning is fairly catchy, and the sound effects throughout the game are above average.

Overall not a bad game with some nice touches and new ideas, although I do think that it is a little overpriced.