Letterhead Designer Icons


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Page 6 readers continue to provide great support for other users by sharing things they have have found useful. Here Brain Arnold has taken a great deal of time to convert hundreds of Print Shop icons into the format used by Letterhead Designer (Disk #240) so that you can now choose almost any icon you wish to use in your own custom letterheads.

This set of disks contains over 450 ready to use icons covering almost every subject you can think of on FOUR DOUBLE SIDED ENHANCED DENSITY DISKS.

The original Letterhead Designer can only show 13 choices for graphics so this pack includes an enhanced version of Letterhead Designer that will allow you to select from 64 icons. The disk also corrects a small problem on the ICONVERT program.

If you have the original disk this is a great opportunity to use it further to create more designs but it is also a great way to buy the complete program if you are thinking about creating your own letterheads. Check out the description of disk #240 for complete details of the program.