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FIVE disks packed with around 475 new icons of every conceivable variety plus half a dozen super utilities to help you manage PRINT SHOP more effectively. The utilities include a new ICON EDITOR that can be controlled by joystick, touch tablet and mouse and has everything you would expect of a fully fledged drawing program. Very similar to designing Print Shop icons using Atari Artist or a similar program. You can load and modify existing icons or create your own very easily. This will also convert graphics from Print Shop format to DOS or vice versa and format disks to Print Shop format.

PSLABELS fills in a missing gap from Print Shop and lets you design address or similar labels using any available icons or fonts. VIEWER is a great utility that loads up to six icons on screen complete with filenames and then allows you to dump that screen to an Epson compatible printer so that you can build up a permanent graphic library of all of your icons complete with filenames, much better than trying to remember what hundreds of filenames mean. PSPIC is similar but more creative in that a number of icons can be loaded and positioned anywhere on the screen, even overlapping, to create interesting new effects. These screens can then be saved as 62 sector format pictures to be printed out with GRLOAD.DMP which will also print out Print Shop Screen Magic pictures once they have been converted to DOS format with other utilities on this disk. PRSHOP2 is a program that allows you to view 'Other Disk' graphics and transfer them to DOS format and back. Also useful for checking icons which are shown on screen as they are loaded or for checking directories. Finally there is PACK which enables you to create 'theme' disks with collections of similar icons by saving DOS format icons into packs which can then be transferred to other disks, or over a modem, and then be 'unpacked'. Add 475 new icons to that lot and you have just about the best collection of disks we have ever assembled. An absolute must for any owner of Print Shop.

The PAGE 6 PRINT SHOP COLLECTION comes as FIVE - that's right FIVE - single sided disks in a plastic case complete with instructions for just 7.50 - that's just 1.50 a disk and you can't go wrong at that price!

NOTE: These disks are entirely separate from any PRINT SHOP disks in the main library - there is no duplication.




The programs and icons on this set of disks have been collected from many sources but a great deal of the collating of Print Shop icons has been done by the Jersey Atari Computer Club in the U.S.A. to whom grateful thanks should be extended for providing so much support for Atari and Print Shop users. The Page 6 Print Shop Collection consists of 5 single sided disks, one of which contains several utility programs to use with Print Shop icons whilst the remaining four contain a collection of icons which you may use with Print Shop or with other utilities. You will need to make up working disks of your own from Disk #1 and the following notes should. be followed carefully.


We recommend that you make a back up of Disk #1 to use as a working copy in case anything should go wrong. The disk can be copied with a sector copier of by using DOS option J. To use DOS you must boot up your own version of DOS, do not try to use DOS from Disk #1 which has been modified. Do not try to copy the disk by transferring individual files to another disk. Put the original away and work from the back up. You may also back up the other disks in this way for safety. Whatever you do DO NOT TRY TO SAVE ANY FILES TO ANY OF THE ENCLOSED DISKS.


You need to make (at least) 2 disks of your own from Disk #1 to successfully and safely use all of the utilities provided. Follow procedure shown carefully.

1. THE GRAPHICS EDITOR: Boot up your system using your own version of DOS and make a second copy of your back up disk using the same procedure outlined above. Label this new disk Print Shop Graphics Editor. The following files must remain on the disk DOS.SYS, AUTORUN.SYS, PGRAPHS.COM, JOYSTIK.OBJ, KOALAPAD.OBJ, MOUSE.OBJ, EDITOR.DOC but all other files must deleted. Unlock the files with DOS Option G and then delete them with Option D. The finished disk will contain the full Print Shop Graphics Editor and will autorun when booted.

2. The UTILITIES: Re-boot with your own DOS if necessary. Format a blank disk and write DOS to the disk using Option H. Copy the following files using Option O or Option C if you have two drives - G.SYS, GRLOAD.DMP, PSLABELS, PSPICLOBJ, VIEWER.OBJ, PRSHOP2.OBJ and PACK3TL.OBJ. Next rename G.SYS to AUTORUN.SYS using Option E. The disk is now ready and should be labelled Print Shop Utilities. Whenever you wish to use GRLOAD.DMP you must boot with this disk to install the appropriate handler, although all the other programs can be run from other disks.


Any of the programs with the OBJ extender may be made into an autorun disk if you wish. This is not essential but is often useful and is particularly recommended for the VIEWER program. The procedure is to format a blank disk, write DOS to the disk using Option H and then transfer the chosen file using Option 0 or Option C. The final step is to rename the file to AUTORUN.SYS using Option E. If you now boot up with this disk the program will autorun.


THE GRAPHICS EDITOR: Full instructions for this program are included in the file EDITOR.DOC and this should be dumped to your printer. Boot up your own DOS and type DOS to get the usual Menu. Insert your Graphics Editor disk in Drive 1 and use Option C to copy the file to your printer. In answer to the prompt COPY -- FROM,TO? type EDITOR.DOC,P: and the instructions will be printed as a formatted document.

GRLOAD: This is a simple Screen Dump for Epson compatibles that will allow you to dump 62 sector/Micropainter format files to your printer. These files can be created with some of the other utilities included in the collection. Note that you must boot up with the Print Shop Utilities disk you have created for this program to work. The program is in BASIC and should be run by typing RUN "D:GRLOAD.DMP". The prompts will ask for the size of picture required, number of copies and then the filename of the screen to be dumped. PSLABELS: This program will allow you to print address labels or other types of label incorporating any Print Shop Icon and, if you have alternative fonts available, to print text in your choice of font. Run the program from BASIC by typing RUN "D:PSLABELS". The screen prompts are fairly self explanatory and you may enter your text or icon in any order. Note that you cannot alter text once entered, you will have to re-type the label in full. The program is set up for 70mm x 24mm labels but wider labels can be used and deeper labels can be accommodated by adding extra ? #C2: commands to line 2260. The size of the print cannot be easily altered however and you will have to find the best position on the label if you are unable to obtain 70mm x 24mm labels.

PSPIC1: Load this program from DOS Option L or create an autorun disk as outlined earlier. The program allows any number of Print Shop icons to be loaded on to one screen for creative effects or reference. Load the first icon and indicate its position on the screen. Once loaded and displayed press RETURN to load another icon or save the picture. Icons may be overlaid or not as desired. The prompts are self explanatory and the only problem is getting used to the position of the x,y co-ordinates which relate to a Graphics 8 screen. With practice you should be able to create screens exactly as you wish. Once the desired screen is finished it may be saved in 62 sector format and this screen may then be dumped to an Epson compatible printer using the GRLOAD program mentioned earlier.

VIEWER: This may well be the most handy program you have! Load from DOS Option L or create an autorun disk as outlined earlier. The program will load six icons from any disk, display them on screen and dump them, complete with their filenames, to an Epson compatible printer. Never again will you need to wonder just what a particular icon looks like, you can build up a complete visual library of all of your Print Shop Icons. You may also use the program to visually check out icons by leaving your printer switched off.

PRSHOP2: Load this program from DOS Option L or create an autorun disk as outlined earlier. The program was originally written to enable Print Shop icons to be transmitted by modem but is useful in other ways. It can be used as a quick and easy way to check a directory of all icons on a disk or to view each icon in order. Any icon may be transferred to Atari DOS format so that icons can easily be rearranged on your disks using the normal DOS functions. Several different theme disks could be made up using the DOS copy functions and these can then be transferred back to conventional Print Shop format for use in the normal way. The prompts are fully self-explanatory.

PACK3TL: The program is an extension of the previous program that allows 'theme packs' to be made of your choice of icons. Again load the program from DOS Option L or create an autorun disk as outlined. The icons must have been transferred to Atari DOS format using PRSHOP2 and you then simply choose which icons you wish to include in a particular file. This file may then be transferred to another disk, 'unpacked' and then be transferred back to Print Shop format using PRSHOP2. These two programs used together are an ideal way to ensure that your most used icons are all on one or two disks.

THE ICONS: The remaining four disks in the PAGE 6 Print Shop Collection contain a wide variety of icons in Print Shop format that may be used with Broderbund's Print Shop or with the utilities in this collection.

Two further Option Packs of additional icons are available each containing around 300 icons on 3 disks.

Print Shop is a trade mark of Broderbund. All of the programs and icons in this collection are, to the best of our knowledge and belief, in the public domain.