#161 - Polish Demos 2


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Another cracker from Poland featuring some of the best effects ever seen on any 8-bit machine and which put many ST demos to shame! That's the truth. This is THE TOP DEMO Part III and has NINE separate demo screens starting with good music and chrome bars followed by a really beautiful Christmas snow scene. Next up is an incredible four line twisting scroll, then a vertical one, all with top class music. The most staggering achievement is a digitised dancer featuring 432k of digitised data, crunched down to around 62k, plus 6k of fonts, 3k of music and 3k of code. It all unpacks as the demo proceeds and is an astonishing feat of programming that shouldn't be possible with such limited memory. A really neat demo is the Video Worm written for the author's daughter and quite delightful. More stunning effects follow in three screens followed by the last incredible graphic masterpiece as hundreds of coloured balls circulate around the screen in ever changing patterns and colours. A real delight to watch. Many of these demos would not be considered by many to be possible on an 8-bit machine, they certainly haven't been done before, and the whole demo can stand proudly beside any ST. Remember this is 64k, not the 1 meg many ST programmers need! A little warning, there are one or two naughty words in the scrolls, so be warned if you are sensitive to such language.