#162 - Filez!


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A collection of shorter demo screens collated by The High Tech Team, who brought you The Big Demo. Seven in all, starting with an intro screen from a German disk magazine. Next is The Great Lakes Demo with fine music, bouncing bars, scrolling text and an amazing bouncing transparent star ball, you need to see it! A nifty little utility for players of Ghostbusters is included that will enable you to set up bank accounts with any amount of money. The Demo II is from Holland and is in two parts, the first a traditional demo with music and bouncy bars but also some good digi-drums. The second part is a couple of digitised pics ported over from the ST. There follows Eye Of The Tiger, basically a music demo, Hi Guys featuring digitised speech and music and it is all finished off with the Phase Demo with everything included, starfields, bars, scrolls, music - a top class demo to finish off the disk. Not as strong as The Top Demos but still an excellent demonstration of what is possible on the 8-bit.